CV. Niaga Baru Sentosa

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CV. Niaga Baru Sentosa (Lampung, Indonesia)

CV. NIAGA BARU SENTOSA is a company engaged in the trade of lubricating oil PETROASIA brand. The company is managed and supported by trained professionals and teams who have been experienced in various aspects of sales over the years. We are committed to providing solutions especially for industrial and commercial lubricants needs.

 CV. NIAGA BARU SENTOSA was established in 2008, is engaged in the field
trading lubricants.
 All Petroasia Lubricants products have been designed and formulated to meet every different needs detail in various industries throughout Indonesia and Asia.
 We have also passed the certification of ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 which made the guarantee of the quality of products with International standard.

Marketing and Distributing Quality and Reliable Products by the Community.

Increase productivity by improving efficiency and effectiveness of work and develop good corporate governance in accordance with International standards.
Providing the best service in a professional manner with a touch of new innovation according to the demands of the times.


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